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Do you want to build brand awareness? Or target a new audience? You are likely to be considering advertising in some form or another. We can help.

The Marketing Smith has strong media partnerships in the UK and overseas across offline and digital channels. We can provide strategic advertising guidance to achieve audience growth in existing and new markets, growing your leads and sales.



Pay per click is a cost-effective way to advertise – you only pay when a user clicks on your advert. We will develop your PPC campaign to only target those you want to reach, using geographic, demographic and relevant keyword targeting making it even more cost effective with great ROI.



Social channels can rapidly ramp up your brand, with users resharing content, making comments about your service to be seen by their followers, who are potential new leads for you. We can manage your accounts on a daily or weekly basis, or help you deliver paid social campaigns to reach new audiences.



Print certainly isn’t dead. Done in the right way print advertising can have meaning and impact for your company. We will determine if this is the right channel for your objectives and where your advert is best placed across thousands of potential media titles.


  • Multiple years of advertising agency experience
  • Strong media relationships

“Great advertising, in and of itself, becomes a benefit of the product” ~ George Lois

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