The Marking Smith

You may be reading this wondering what a marketing strategy involves. Or you may be thinking how important one is, but you just haven’t had the time to develop it. We can help.

The Marketing Smith has written and implemented marketing strategies for organisations of varying shapes and sizes. Our experience at both strategic and operational levels allows us to review what is needed to move your business forward, whilst knowing how to implement action to actually get ahead.




Marketing Audit

Sometimes you need to take a snapshot of where you are now to determine where you are going. That’s exactly what we will do when conducting a marketing audit, we’ll look at the marketplace including research across market trends, competitors and your customers. A review of your internal factors will also take place to identify strengths and areas of improvement.



Using the audit information and other insight, we will work with you to develop key business and marketing objectives. These are crucial to the success of the strategy as it will prioritise our aims and improve areas of the business.


Marketing Activity

To meet these objectives successfully, The Marketing Smith will develop a tactical plan to outline activities and campaigns. You or your team can implement this plan, or we can deliver that for you.


Measuring Success

How do we know what works if we don’t measure it? For all objectives and campaign activity, we will set clear KPIs to determine success factors. These will be measured throughout the process so improvements can be made along the way.

Our Expertise

  • Highly qualified via training from the Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • Over 12 years of marketing experience
  • Use of global SOSTAC model to structure strategy

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results” ~ Winston Churchill

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