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Are you setting up a consultancy in your own name? Or are you meeting more and more people through work who you want to make valuable impression upon? We can help.

People buy from people, no matter if you are a sole trader, an SME or multinational. Relationships and trust are built via individuals, and those individuals have personalities. A way to harness your personality more professionally and online is your personal brand. A personal brand is the individual who exists individually of a company and how you are presented to potential clients and customers. The Marketing Smith can help you develop your brand story, focusing on what problems you solve, value you add and what your passions are. These can be brought together to create your own creative brand, website, LinkedIn profile and blog. All of which can help you win more business and open you up to new opportunities.


  • Experience career development
  • 12 years’ marketing expertise

“In a world where you can be anything, be yourself” ~ Etta Turner

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